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Development of LED light box light strip
LED light box light source, a long time ago, people usually use modules to do, and fluorescent light. Now there are a large number of businesses or modules assembled on the lamp box. But now more and more attention to environmental protection and energy saving of the era, many people began to use LED to do the inside of the light lamp, fluorescent tube with energy for maintenance problems, businesses have started looking for a new light source to replace the original fluorescent tube.
LED hard light strip with soft light belt, mainly in the ultra-thin light box inside the LED light source, with LED hard light strip with soft light to install to the ultra thin lamp box. And now there have been some thickness of 3-5cm thickness of ultra-thin light boxes, this kind of light box with no acrylic light guide plate. Such a light box can be installed with LED backlight. Also, the LED backlight source has the advantages of low cost and easy installation. For large spreading light boxes, bus stop light box is mainly used before daylight lamp, but now many companies have replaced the LED light source, the light, the best is the backlight lamp type shutter. LED backlight has the advantages of easy installation, high brightness and low cost. For the double side of the light box, you can use the side light-emitting LED lights. LED light bar is easier to install and maintain than the module, and the cost is lower.