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Factors influencing the life of LED luminescent lights

Guide language: factors that influence the life of the light-emitting characters have internal and external causes. Internal factors include peripheral component performance, the performance of LED light-emitting devices, and anti-fatigue properties of products. The working environment with LED exposed lights and so on.

1. Influence of peripheral components
Besides LED devices, LED the leakage word also use many other peripheral parts, including PCB, plastic shell, switching power supply, connectors, chassis, etc., of any part of a problem, can lead to reduce the life of a LED light-emitting word. Therefore, the longest lifespan of LED luminescent characters is determined by the lifespan of the key component in the shortest life. , for example, the LED light source, switch power, metal shell are calculated by 8 years, material, standard, and circuit protection process performance can only support the work for 3 years, after three years because of corrosion damage will happen, so we can only get a 3 years of the life of the LED.

2. Influence of LED luminescent device performance
LED luminescent devices are the most critical and most relevant parts of the luminous word. For LED, it is mainly the following indicators: attenuation characteristics, moisture resistant permeability and anti-uv performance. If LED luminescent word manufacturers fail to evaluate the performance evaluation of LED devices, the application to LED luminescence will result in a large number of quality accidents, which seriously affect the life of LED luminescent characters.

3. Impact of product's anti-fatigue performance
The anti-fatigue performance of LED luminescent products depends on the production process. It is difficult to guarantee that the anti-fatigue performance of the LED exposed lamp produced by the poor three-way treatment process is not guaranteed. In the change of temperature and humidity, the protective surface of the circuit board will crack, leading to a decrease in protective performance.

Therefore, the production process of LED luminescence is also a key factor in determining the service life. The production process involved in the production of luminescence word is: components storage and pretreatment process, welding process of the furnace, three anti-treatment process, waterproof sealing process, etc. The effectiveness of the process and selection of materials and grouting parameter, control, and related operator quality, for the vast majority of manufacturers LED word, it is very important to the accumulation of experience, a factory with many years of experience in the production process of the control will be more effective.

4. Impact of work environment
The working conditions of LED luminescent characters vary widely due to different USES. In terms of environment, indoor temperature difference is small, without rain and snow and ultraviolet radiation. The outdoor temperature difference can be up to 70 degrees, plus wind and rain. The harsh environment can aggravate the aging of the font, and the working environment is an important factor affecting the life of the glowing characters.
The life of LED luminescent characters is determined by many factors, but the end of life span caused by many factors can be continuously extended through the replacement of parts (such as switching power supply). Leds, however, are not likely to be replaced by a large number of replacements, so once the LED lifespan is over, it means the end of the glowing lifespan. The life of LED is determined by the life of LED. The life of LED is usually reduced to 50% of the initial value by the initial value. LED as a semiconductor material, people say 100, 000 hours of life, but that's under ideal conditions.
In practice, it can't be reached. We have a simple experiment method and the formula to calculate the LED life: placed the LED in with the actual working conditions under the condition of the same work 1000 hours, and the measured intensity of the initial value and final value, and then through the formula can be launched LED the life of the period. We chose blue scene photoelectric LED visible light in the environment temperature is 50 ℃, current work for 20 ma under the environment of 1000 hours after final value is 0.88 x initial values have been measured, according to the formula, we can calculate the blue LED twinkle light scene in the environment of life for 5422 hours.

We say that the lifetime of the light string life determines the lifetime of the entire service, but not that LED life is equal to the lifetime of the luminescent word. Due to the LED luminous words at work is not each LED all the time in full, luminous word in normal light conditions, the life of the luminous word period should be LED life period of 6 ~ 10 times, when the LED to work in a small current under the conditions of life can be longer. Therefore, the use of the LED exposed lampenable the entire LED luminescent word to last up to 50,000 hours.