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Four advantages of blue view LED point light source
                                          Four advantages of blue view LED point light source
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LED point light works by tens of thousands of pixel color mixture, using the human vision characteristics for frontal by point and surface display all kinds of graphics and color intelligent lamps and lanterns, through will light density, distance, the size of a differential design can make all kinds of curtain light, wall, advertising wall lamp show very diversified pattern, to achieve better decoration effect. With the increasing popularity of LED point light source products, what kind of advantages can LED point light source with good quality and low price be recognized by consumers?
First, the effect is good
One of the advantages of using LED point light source is that it can realize the synchronous change of arbitrary multiple controls, which can make a variety of rich and varied effects appear on the big screen, such as the effect of synchronous colorful, flowing water full change and jump change, and can also realize multiple point light source to become dot matrix screen at the same time, changing the effect of various text, picture and animation. The effect of LED point light source attracts the attention of more passersby, virtually achieving the effect of publicity and publicity.
Second, strong function
The LED point light source can be connected with the computer system to continue to transmit various information content in real time, such as timely and effective replacement of related advertising video and audio content function. At the same time, the pixel of the LED point light screen can be adjusted, and its display precision can adapt to the distance of the viewer appropriately, which can meet the viewing effect of large advertisements no matter when viewed near or far.
Third, environmental protection
LED point light source is an efficient light source without mercury filling, which can effectively reduce energy consumption and reduce the emission of polluting gases to the atmosphere. The combination of led point light source and solar cell is more environmentally friendly. The production and use of LED point light source pursue the production and design goal. The lamp body material is recycled aluminum material, and the lamp cover is also made of polyester lens and rubber sealing ring.
Iv. Diverse application sites
LED point light source can not only be used in dot matrix display screen, but also can be used to outline buildings of houses and Bridges in urban lighting projects, as well as indoor lighting decoration of hotels and KTV light entertainment places. It can be seen that LED point light source has a very large application prospect and market space.
Thus, it can be seen that the advantages and characteristics of LED point light source products with good reputation and reputation mainly include its rich color and amazing effect, strong use function, environmental protection and suitable for various occasions. Of course, the use of LED point light source can achieve such use effect, and its own quality is the basis. Therefore, after knowing the advantages of the highly praised LED point light source, we can naturally identify and use LED point light source more accurately.