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How is the outdoor advertising industry developing in 2020? A new trend in the outdoor advertising market
How is the outdoor advertising industry developing in 2020? A new trend in the outdoor advertising market
9mm exposed light, LED exposed light, LED perforated light, 12mm exposed light and LED diffuse reflector light bar
In 2020, the outdoor advertising sales market is expected to continue the composition of the advertiser industry in 2019, the major well-known brand industry will continue to break out. There is no doubt that the high-end release trend of the brand will be the core focus in 2020, so it is important to upgrade high-quality outdoor LED media resources.
One, 2019 outdoor advertising encountered five problems
1. The increased auction cost of advertising resources makes the survival of outdoor media owners more stressful;
2. The process of digital transformation is slow, and in the process of digital transformation, we are still exploring how to balance the traditional outdoor sales and Internet sales to bring more power to the outdoor advertising industry, and how to play these two advantages better; Better integration.
3. Lack of more scientific industry measurement standards for marketing monitoring means and effect evaluation;
4. Fierce competition in the industry of LED outdoor advertising has not yet formed a mature integration and integration of media platform resources;
5, outdoor advertising media company staff aging advertising sales and profit model obsolete.
Second, in 2020, LED outdoor advertising will appear two highlights
1. The exploration of digital process of outdoor media will be accelerated, and new measurement system will emerge;
2, with the technology development of 5 g, headed by the outdoor scene of marketing value will be highlighted, appear more revenue in 5 g technology advertising forms, in the future more forms of outdoor media show, at the same time can also and outdoor existing media to form a better integration, enhance outdoor advertising influence, who can quickly grasp the direction, the future of outdoor advertising.
Iii. The following changes need to be made in LED outdoor advertising in 2020
1. Actively carry out digital exploration and innovation;
2. Pay attention to the data analysis of third-party research to provide strong support for monitoring means and effect evaluation;
3. Integrate media resources to form more irreplaceable media advantages;
4. Introduce the most professional and systematic training, training and learning;
5. Strengthen the brand building and core competitiveness of the company.
Four, 2020 LED outdoor advertising five new trends
1. Digitization
Digital process of LED outdoor advertising market will be accelerated, and more outdoor advertising media will undergo digital transformation. Whether it is hardware technology or big data application, it will accelerate the application in the whole outdoor advertising market. In 2020, more than 30% of the market capacity will be converted to digital outdoor market, and more than 50% of the revenue of all outdoor advertising market will be provided by digital outdoor media.
2. New scenes
In 2020, due to the accelerated promotion and popularization of 5G, the outdoor advertising market will innovate more new scenarios and build new communication value through new application scenarios.
3. Consumer led
In 2020, the outdoor advertising market will be transformed from being dominated by media resources to being dominated by consumers at a faster speed, with a deeper insight into consumers, deeper satisfaction of consumers' needs, and more consumer-oriented communication.
4. The market is sinking
In 2020, the activity level of referral market will provide the development momentum of the whole outdoor advertising market, more development momentum, more communication value, and more market revenue, which will come from the referral market and related industries.
5. Competitive strength
In 2020, the outdoor advertising market will further accelerate the competitive force of online and offline communication. In particular, breakthroughs will be made in the combination of mobile terminals and social media and short videos.
With the recovery of macro economy, the consumption scale of offline cities in 2020 will be rapidly stimulated, and the consumption willingness will rise. The outdoor advertising industry is in a crucial period of bottoming out and rebound. As a group of people in the advertising industry, this year is an excellent harvest year, striving to improve product quality, service quality, and after-sales quality, to provide better products and services for the majority of end users. In 2020, the new market of LED outdoor advertising will be reflected in: LED exposed luminous word, LED illuminated word and other outdoor large-scale advertisements, which will bring the explosion of 9mm exposed light, LED exposed light, LED perforated light, 12mm exposed light and LED diffuse reflection light bar and other advertising identification light source products.