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South Korea will usher in a uv-c LED business explosion on 3Q20
South Korea will usher in a uv-c LED business explosion on 3Q20
Source: LED China online
After years of investment and research and development of UV LED products, Seoul wei ao shi has become the world's leading UV LED company, products cover the full wavelength range, uv-a LED and uv-c LED in the world's leading position. With the novel coronavirus outbreak spreading around the world, public health and health management awareness has increased significantly. Many consumers and brand manufacturers have also begun to pay attention to uv-c LED products with sterilization function. As a global leader in UV LED, LEDinside is honored to invite Lin xiaopo, greater China sales director of Seoul Viosys, to share the latest development of Seoul Viosys in uv-c LED field. In order to deal with novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, the market demand of ultraviolet mercury lamp is enthusiastic, and its product advantage is mainly used in large space sterilization and disinfection, such as schools and hospitals; However, uv-c LED only USES a single wavelength product of 275nm, which has a small safety concern in irradiation. In addition to the advantages of miniaturization of light source, uv-c LED can fully meet the market demand of small space and surface sterilization, including door handles, shoe cabinets and soles that are often touched in daily life.
In order to meet the market demand, Seoul wei ao shi in 2019-2020 to improve the efficiency of uv-c LED, 275nm uv-c LED light efficiency of 20mW stable output, and do not change the current output (100mA), aimed at the air conditioning sterilization application market. In addition, 50mW polycrystalline products are also produced in a stable batch to meet the needs of different customers. Observing the market demand of uv-c LED in 2020, Lin xiaobo said that Seoul wei ao shi will focus on three areas of market development:
1. With years of efforts in the field of home appliances, 2020 will finally usher in a growth breakout point.
2. With the white-light market heating up, uv-c LED is another new market field for manufacturers of compact lighting products.
3. Seoul wei ao shi also successfully entered the brand manufacturer of UV LED field in 2020, and it is believed that there will be a significant breakthrough in the third quarter.
Finally, in view of the development of water purification module market, Seoul Viosys shows that its UV LED application in 2L/Min water purification module has achieved 99.99% bactericidal effect.
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