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LED diffuse reflector lamp strip

Technical parameters  LED diffusing roller

Product name (Commodity) : blue view photoelectric LED diffuse reflector lamp strip

LED Quantity: 12PCS/M

Light Color: warm white, neutral Light, white and cold white (Color can be customized)

Input voltage (Input) : DC12V

Power (Wattage) : 12W

Light Angle (Emitting Angle) : 170 °

Package Size: factory packing

LED diffuse reflection hard lamp:

1. Scroll design, quick installation, saving labor cost
2. Using a high brightness meter with a 1w high power lamp, a single luminous flux reaches 120 lm, red copper bracket, pure gold thread packaging, light failure and long life
3. Aluminum base plate, aluminum slot design and heat dissipation can effectively extend lamp life and reduce light failure
4. The light bars can be customized to different specifications and spacing, which are suitable for all kinds of light box dimensions, flexible installation, convenient and quick
5. Manual welding is adopted for all connected wire joints to ensure the quality of connection of welding points, and no soldering or virtual welding. Stable and reliable safety 6, suitable for light boxes, mobile billboards, signs, large-scale exhibition project or activity, hall, hotel, hotel, metope adornment propaganda, advertising media, such as the subway, railway stations, bus station, etc