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5050 hard light bar
5050 lamp strip technical parameters

●Product name (Commodity) :  5050 lamp strip

●LED Quantity: 72PCS/M

●Light Color: warm white, neutral Light, white and cold white (Color can be customized)

●Input voltage (Input) : DC12V

●Power (Wattage) : 14.4 W

●Light Angle (Emitting Angle) : 180 °

●Package Size: factory packing

Blue view 5050 jewelry lamp features:

1. Adopt the SMD of Taiwan imported chip, and guarantee the quality for three years;
2. Use high - guided aluminum substrate to heat up the heat.
3. Selection of various aluminum slots: u-shaped slot (flat groove), plain V groove, with reflector V groove, new aluminum slot and arc trough;
4. According to the requirements of the counter, the length is tailor-made, and the flexibility is high
5. Low voltage dc 12V power supply, safety, stability.
6. High brightness, light effect 200LM/W, uniform light and color, high color, good effect on jewelry;
7. Applicable to gold jewelry, diamond, jade, amber, jade, silver jewelry, crystal, high-end watches, boutique cabinets. Cosmetics cabinets and other lighting sites