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LED lamp/count
Name: LED high lamp/counter pole lamp
Model: lj-gtgd-003
Size: 250mm head length: 10mm (can be customized to counter height)
Color: white/warm white/natural white (color can be customized)
Material: high thermal conductivity aluminum
Color: silver, black, rose gold, bronze
Lamp bead: imported American cory1pcs *1W
Power: 3W
Input voltage: ac90-265v
LED mode: constant current drive
Low beam Angle: rotate 360 ° 80 ° adjustable up and down
Low advantage: the lamp holder rotate 360 degrees, 80 ° adjustable lighting, to adapt to a different point of view of light, low power consumption, long life, easy installation, elegant chic modelling, dustproof, prevent leakage
Scope: low cabinet tall ark, diamond jewelry counter counter, mural ark, clothes closet, art hall, optical shop counter, display counter sample display counters, small volume of goods brand image shop and other places of local key illumination