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20W COB orbital spotlights
Blue view photoelectric[ name] : 20W COB track spotlights
[model] : LJ - cobsd-20
[lamp body color] : all black/white/white and black, etc
[accessories] : lamp body + reflective cover +COB LED constant current high power supply + aluminum base plate + spring, screw
[lamp body material: 6030 high conductivity aviation aluminum
[power] : 20W
[voltage] : 85V, 100V, 110V, 220V, 240V, 85-265v (global wide voltage input)
[chip] : U.S., Taiwan original imported highlights chip
[light flux] : 120-150lm/W
[light color] : white light 6000K- 6500K, warm light 3000-3200k, natural white light: 4000-4500k, cold white light: 8000-10000K (according to international practice, color temperature error allowed within 500K)
[temperature] : - 30 to 60 ℃
[control mode ] : built-in high power drive power supply
[life span] : 50,000 hours
[warranty] : three years