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20W COB orbital spotlights
COB orbital LED lighting product parameters
[product name] : 20W COB orbital spotlights
[model] : LJ - cobsd-20
[lamp body color] : all black/white/white and black, etc
[accessories] : lamp body + reflective cover +COB LED constant current high power supply + aluminum base plate + spring, screw
[lamp body material: 6030 high conductivity aviation aluminum
[power] : 20W
[voltage] : 85V, 100V, 110V, 220V, 240V, 85-265v (global wide voltage input)
[chip] : U.S., Taiwan original imported highlights chip
[light flux] : 120-150lm/W
[light color] : white light 6000K- 6500K, warm light 3000-3200k, natural white light: 4000-4500k, cold white light: 8000-10000K (according to international practice, color temperature error allowed within 500K)
[temperature] : - 30 to 60 ℃
【 control mode 】 : built-in high power drive power supply
[life span] : 50,000 hours
[warranty] : three years

view photocob orbital spotlights:

V energy saving, LED's energy consumption is only 1/10 of the incandescent bulb, 1/4 of the energy saving lamp.

V longevity, LED theory can live more than 100,000 hours, and the lighting of ordinary homes is a "once and for all".

V can work at high speed. Energy saving lamps can be blackened and quickly damaged if they are frequently started or shut off.

V solid package, which belongs to the type of cold light source. So it's easy to transport and install, and it can be installed in any micro and enclosed device, not afraid of vibrations.

V LED lamp technology is improving rapidly, its luminous efficiency is making amazing breakthrough, and the price is decreasing continuously.

V green pollution-free, cold light design, no radiation, to eyes and skin without any damage, do not contain mercury (Hg), and other harmful substances to the environment, will not cause damage to the environment, realize the true sense of green

V is fast. The fast speed of LED response eliminates the disadvantages of the traditional high voltage sodium lamp.

V use LED track light to make home decoration more beautiful. The tube lamp helps to maintain the overall unity and perfection of interior decoration.

Product features:
Self-developed radiator, new aluminum, is better than traditional aluminum thermal conductivity, the surface cover temperature is lower, safety, protective good. High quality LED products, high stability, long life, low investment and high return.
Adopt efficient and stable driving module, humanized structure design, lamp installation and maintenance is more relaxed. Suitable for a variety of applications