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Blue view photoelectric 5050 magnet aluminum slot hard lamp

Technical parameters of the 5050 magnet aluminum groove hard lamp bar
Label (Commodity) : 5050 magnet aluminum trough hard lamp bar
LED Quantity (LED Quantity) : 72PCS/M
Luminous Color (Light Color) : warm white, neutral Light, positive white, cold white (Color can be customized)
Input voltage (Input) : DC12V
Power (Wattage) : 14.4W
Low light Angle (Emitting Angle) : 180 °
Package Size: factory packaging
Features of jewelry lamp bar:
1. SMD imported from Taiwan with three-year warranty;
2. Adopt high-conducting aluminum substrate, with good heat dissipation;
3. Aluminum groove: v-shaped magnetic aluminum groove; No less than two magnets, easy to install;
4. The length can be customized according to the needs of the counter, with high flexibility
5. Low voltage dc 12V power supply, safe and stable.
6. High brightness and luminous efficiency above 200LM/W, uniform light and color temperature, high color rendering, good effect of illuminating jewelry;
7. Suitable for gold jewelry, diamond, jade, amber, jade, silver jewelry, crystal, high-end watch and boutique cabinet. Lighting place such as cosmetic cabinet