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New 20-watt LED square spotlight/Grimm
Name:  new 20 watt LED square lamp/gshan lamp
Model: lj-gsd -20W
Size: 170mm diameter *170mm opening: 150mm*150mm height 130mm (size can be customized)
Color: white/warm white/natural white (customable)
Material: high thermal conductivity aluminum
Light bead: Taiwan crystal yuan /
Power: 20W
Input voltage: ac86-220v
LED mode: constant current drive
Low beam Angle: 15 °, 24 °
Advantages: LED grid lamp is efficient and energy-saving, with high brightness, no ultraviolet ray, no frequency flash, no light pollution. The color is pure, solid light source, not afraid of vibration and fall. Aluminum shell, powder baking varnish, acid and alkali resistance, high uv resistance. The isolation type constant current drive, the service life exceeds long. Built-in mounting bracket for easy installation and debugging, adjustable Angle of view. Maintenance free during use.
Low scope: suitable for indoor environment, dustproof design, used in stage lighting, home lighting, company, office lighting, upscale office lighting, shopping malls, exhibition hall, exhibition shelves, cabinets, museums and other places, with tube lamp, wall lamp, shoot the light, track light, etc.