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12mm full-color exposed perforated lamp
1. Adopt high quality RGB fog-like lamp bead spectrophotometry with 50 beads in each strand, good color consistency, low light decay, low defect rate and long service life;
2. Choose 9883IC and genuine components. The 256-level gray level electrified blue light can be carried at 1024 points per port.
3. The bad point can be transmitted again and again with a little damage. The signal can be sent down without affecting the whole situation.
4. Use anti-uv, cold-resistant and flame retardant adhesive to ensure that the shell will not change yellow and will not deform and brittle when the shell changes at high and low temperatures;
5. It is applicable to store signboards, KTV billboards, jewelry storefront advertising, exterior walls of entertainment places such as nightclubs, luminous characters of door heads, decorative patterns, etc.